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We have an Outreach every fortnight on a Friday. Many parents of the school come, alcoholics, single mums and widows. We have a short service of praise and worship and the preaching of the Word followed by a cooked lunch.

Also, Linda runs a weekly Bible Study for women. They come to be ministered to by the Word while their children are looked after by women in our church. 99% of the women that we work with are victims of physical, emotional and sexual abuse, and many of their children are too.

Russ has a work with alcoholics. They come every morning to hear the Word of God and pray, and to learn to be accountable. Many have stopped drinking as a result and their lives have been transformed. One man in particular called Francisco who has been an alcoholic for about 50 years,and now goes out into the town to reach other alcoholics for Christ and bring them to Church.

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